Good Business Housekeeping

There are a lot of thoughts about marketing. Those who believe in it know the value in consistently engaging with their customers on various platforms with messages of thought leadership, informative info shares and how what THEY have YOU need…or worse, WANT! Their results are measured, in sync with a marketing strategy and the right partnership with their strategic marketing partner.

 Those who don’t may have been victims of well-intended marketers who never proved out any measurable results. SNAKE OIL they say! OR maybe (just maybe) their business house is not in order. *gasp*

What does that mean? Marketing can make a lot of things happen, but what it can’t do is fix something that does not properly work in the first place.  Your brand is quite simply, the promise that you make to the world and it, or you, might not be delivering.   Is your service or product living up to the promises you make? Are your internal processes putting your business at risk? Are you delivering WHEN you say you will? Are you delivering WHAT you say will? If that is the case, no amount or marketing is going to help. You need to get your business house in order before you can market. When this is the case having this awareness is a powerful first step. You must know you have a problem before you can fix it.

Sometimes these are simple fixes, and sometimes it may require the objective view of someone on the outside. This might be the perfect opportunity to bring in a business coach, someone to help get your business house in order. Think of it as Good Business Housekeeping.

Once you get your business house in order, then this is where marketing can come in and raise your visibility, create your brand positioning and has the opportunity to do what marketing is supposed to do: Increase your revenue.