Most people, respectfully, think of marketing in one form of another-a web site, social media, maybe some lead generation or a cool brochure.  It is often-times thought of as just one thing, or a little bit of this and a little bit of that, rather than a holistic approach of a website and social media and SEO. SEO and video content and social media. In the world of marketing, it’s never JUST ONE THING…it’s more “AND’s” than “OR’s”. And it all depends on what your goals are. 

Is your website not getting enough traffic?  Maybe updating your site AND SEO are your solution. Perhaps you want more foot traffic in your door for your bricks and mortar location. Maybe a social media plan, AND some savvy execution are what is in order. The truth is, if you build it, that DOES NOT mean they will come. It takes more than that.  And it is a combination of skills and strategies that will make all the difference in well-planned allocation of marketing funds. Truth is, the more “OR” you are, and not “AND”, could mean that you won’t reach your desire results.

So, what is this marketing machine, what does it look like?

Think of it as a car.

The outside is shiny, and attracts you to the brand. It’s the look and feel of your brand: your website, your logos, your image!

Now you have this car body, that isn’t going anywhere without an engine. That is your strategy. The heart of this machine!

Now you have a car body, and an engine. It has the POTENTIAL to go, but it needs drivers. Drivers like SEO, video content, content creation, social media planning and execution, lead generation, etc. These are the actions that you take to drive your brand to the goals you, and your marketing plan, have set out for it.

It’s never just one thing. It’s almost always more than one.

What’s right for you?