Marketing versus Advertising. Often interchanged. And Confused.  

It’s easy to see where they get mixed up…it’s about cool images and getting your brand seen, right? Or a cool sound track with awesome graphics. Well, not really.  So, what is the difference?

The difference is actually quite simple really.

In simple terms, marketing positions your brand. It’s the WHY about your brand and it is the foundation for which all other executions are built upon.  It’s the promise your brand makes and the value you deliver to the market.  When a company, or a strategist, does your brand discovery, they ask themselves “why us”. Many companies say “because we’re great at what we do” or “we deliver the best service” (I’m still looking to meet the company that says they have the crappiest service!). Well WHY is that? WHAT makes you so special at what you do? THAT is what you must answer, and sometimes it’s not so easy.  That’s where strategist will DIG DEEP and determine your brand DNA. They’ll interview clients, do a competitive analysis, find out what is being said about you, and what truly sets you apart. It’s the foundation of which the house of advertising is built.

Ah, the house of advertising. Advertising is how you make people FEEL about your brand, service, or experience.  It’s about influence…how to influence your purchasing choices. After all, making a purchase, any purchase is emotional. It must solve a problem and creates a perception that your product or service saves you time, or makes you look cool, it makes your life easier, it makes you look younger, smarter, AWESOME! The consumer identifies with something they want to be.

When you are thinking about whether to market or advertise it’s critical to remember that marketing is the foundation of which advertising is built. Don’t skip steps, even though it may sound tempting.  Advertising without a plan, or a clearly defined value proposition, is like throwing good money after bad. And isn’t your goal to make money?