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SEO this, social media that? Where does a business start? At HMC we make your marketing journey easy. With over 20 years in sales and marketing experience, we help our clients navigate the maze of marketing. We work with small and mid-sized companies and crystallize marketing messaging, align the budget with objectives. Then we bring the right resource who can meet those objectives, fit your culture and within your budget. What does that mean to our clients? Time saved on out -of-ballpark proposals, personable resources who don’t have the experience or the background you require. HMC is vendor agnostic choosing the right support for our clients. No time wasted. We cut through the noise and get you where you need to go. We are your marketing matchmaker.

Finding where to start can be overwhelming. There are so many places to start. How do you know where to start? Moreover, Who is the right resource? There are so many to choose from. We work with companies to custom tailor your search based on your objectives, budget, and your culture.

Case in Point

Vicki recently consulted with a midsized international company who had never created a marketing budget. They knew they needed marketing resources, but was it PR, SEO, content? A full-service agency wasn’t in their budget, at least that is what they thought. So we brought together solopreneurs, boutique specialty agencies, and a full-sized agency, each with a different focus. We facilitated discovery, selected vendors to prepare and deliver proposals, and guided the client on their entire buyer journey.

They had the opportunity to compare and contrast who would best serve their specific needs. It was a win for the client because they were delivered vetted, qualified talent to choose from. A win for the vendors as they were brought a qualified client directly to a custom opportunity.

HMC Agency

Are you just getting started or lost in a sea of competitors? Startups and small businesses need to establish who they are, why they are different and claim it. In everything that we do at HMC, we know that a great business card or a new site isn’t going to close new business. It’s all of those things and more. We help you stake your claim and own it — brand positioning, logo and card development, collateral, and websites. That is only the beginning. We help you stand out above the rest.

Differentiating yourself is one of the biggest struggles businesses face in a world of competition. Let’s face it; we all have competitors. It’s how we set ourselves apart from them is where our indelible messaging begins. Working closely with business owners we extract their differentiator and create impactful messaging to claim their expertise. A brand is quite simply a promise that you make to your clients. We give your brand a voice.

Vicki Harte - Founder & CEO

Vicki Harte - Founder & CEO

Small and Mid-Sized Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing

M: 201.407.7706
O: 973.387.0404

Vicki Harte has worked in the marketing and creative services industry for more than two decades. Over those 20+ years, she’s hired and connected hundreds of vendors, launched thousands of marketing initiatives and has been the catalyst for millions of dollars in lead generation.

A multifaceted communicator, relationship builder, and networker, Vicki thrives on accelerating the effectiveness of marketing-savvy businesses by helping them crystallize their strategic thinking and connecting them to the right creative resources. Vicki is a proud recipient of her management degree from Kean University.

Early Career

Vicki began her career as an NYC-based sales assistant in the finance industry. She transitioned to representing commercial illustrators to top agencies in the NYC area, which led to a successful 18+ year career in the staffing industry. As a VP of business development and as marketing director prior to her launch of HMC, Vicki knows how to match the right strategic partner to the right client. Objectives, budgets, and fit make for a winning combination. Call it intuition, we call it expertise.


Vicki is an active volunteer with the Morris County Chamber’s Women in Business program. In 2018 she was selected to be a recipient of the M&T Bank Women of Achievement Award. Her company is registered as a Certified New Jersey Small Business Enterprise (SBE). 


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