Marketing Matchmaking: Your Journey Made Easy

Vicki Harte, Founder & CEO

Harte Marketing Cooperative:

Welcome to HMC, where we act as your trusted partner and Creative Concierge, matching your business needs to who and what you need to achieve your goals. We love nothing more than having you as our “guest,” while we act as your ultimate Marketing Matchmaker. Simply put, we deliver agency-quality results and access to a huge talent pool and ensure that nothing clouds your path to achieving goals. Vicki Harte has worked in the marketing and creative services industry for more than two decades. Over those 20+ years, she’s hired and connected hundreds of vendors, launched thousands of marketing initiatives and been the catalyst for millions of dollars in lead generation. A multifaceted communicator, relationship builder, and networker, Vicki loves accelerating the marketing effectiveness of marketing-savvy businesses by helping them crystallize their strategic thinking and connecting them to the right creative resources. For enterprises with an eye on their objectives, Vicki, and her team,  along with her vast and deep relationships with her strategic partners, can enhance, augment or extend services by filling in gaps where marketing resources end or offering new, fresh perspectives. Think of Vicki and her team as your Marketing Secret Weapon! Vicki began her career as an NYC-based sales consultant in the finance industry. She transitioned to representing commercial illustrators to top agencies in the NYC area, which led to a successful career in the staffing industry in business development and as marketing director prior to her launch of HMC. Vicki holds a business management degree from Kean University. When she’s not sharing her brand development and messaging wisdom with clients, you’ll find Vicki in her kitchen showcasing her culinary skills.