involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
“effective organizations depend on cooperative effort”

Why Harte Marketing Cooperative?

With over 20 years of marketing and creative services experience, Harte Marketing Cooperative navigates the complexities of marketing for our clients. Our unique structure gives you a la carte access to top marketing pros without adding to your headcount or tackling the time-consuming process of finding, interviewing and choosing vendors on your own. But more importantly, we take the time and care to form relationships with our clients and are an integral part of the process. This lets us respect your business needs and goals, plus act as trusted, responsive expert “sherpas” to usher you through the selection journey for marketing resources. Your end result is a tailored, highly cost-effective way to manage your marketing spend.

We are a Lean, Mean Matchmaking Machine

HMC is in your corner, bridging the gap between marketing strategy & execution while serving as an advocate to ensure our clients get what they need and not a lot of extra “padding”. Led by Founder Vicki Harte, HMC takes a refreshingly different approach to tackle marketing initiatives of all sizes. We are “in the ring” with our clients, allowing adaptability to client needs and navigation during the entire acquisition of marketing decision-making provides input on the decision-making process and provides quality control from inception to close. We’ll help you crystallize your strategy, identify your needs, and connect you to smart, innovative service providers who’ll get the job done.


Marketing Matchmaking
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